The Brief Painful Life of Anthony Joseph Raine

Apr. 24, 2017 - Dalyce Raine like any mother should not expect to have to bury her own child, as she told CBC News. Her eyes show a distinct look of pain and age beyond her years, as she and her sister Brandi Raine discuss the Edmonton child murder of this beautiful boy, Anthony Joseph Raine. (Joseph Crier and Tasha Mack charged with murder)

The mother, Dalyce Raine, heralds from the Louis Bull Reserve in Alberta, Canada, which is situated 16 kms southwest of Wetaskiwin. As the RCMP discussed today, Anthony Joseph Raine, often known by his family as the jungle book character Mowgli, because of his deep brown eyes, suffered a life of appalling trauma, pain, misery, and was terribly abused. His life was a short one, born in Sep of 2015; he captured the hearts of Canada from coast to coast.

Only a mere few days ago when his lifeless body was found on Fri, Apr 21/ As a further insult to this young beautiful Cree boy with the smile of an angel it was later discovered by homicide officers that he had been left behind the Good Shepherd Anglican Church since the previous Tuesday left there dead in  the morning of. Now all that remains of his presence in the back of the Good Shepherd Anglican Chirch are small gifts left in memory of this little life including teddies and flowers from the emotionally affect well-intentioned people of Edmonton. These are  buried in a late season snow as cold as the two people allegedly responsible for his death: His father, Joseph Crier, 26, and his alleged partner in crime, a girlfriend, Tasha Lee Mack, 25.

Anthony Joseph Raine was in the custody of these people Joseph Crier and Tasha Lee Mack whilst the mother attended school. Homicide Sargent Duane Hunter informed the concerned public Monday Apr 24, the afternoon of, "this little boy had suffered a lot of trauma," and went on to discuss his living in an violent environment, "He was living a terrible life full of violence... bruises all over his body. . . and I'll leave it at that."

As his aunt Brandi Raine says on the Go Fund Me website, where they are looking for funding to conduct his funeral (he is not a Band member) as well as to fund some family to attend the funeral, "He was the sweetest little boy you could ever meet."

Joseph Crier and Tasha-Lee Mack were arrested late Saturday night after nbeing seen on a city buss in Northwest Edmonton. The public had also been shown footage of the pair in Beaumaris Sobey's close to the Good Shepherd Anglican Church pushing an empty stroller on the day the baby had been left in the church property.

At present Joseph Crier has been charged with murder in the 2nd degree, assault causing bodily harm, and failure to provide the necessities of life and criminal negligence.

Tasha-Lee Mack is charged with murder in the 2nd degree, assault causing bodily harm, and failure to provide the necessities of life and criminal negligence.

At time of this writing the GoFundMe account has reached $9245 toward the funeral for this child. A vigil will be held for Anthony Joseph Raine at the Castledowns Road Church in Edmonton on Tuesday evening, April 25, and the public are being encouraged to attend, light a candle, and to join in a moment of silent remembrance of the little boy.

Ed note: Go in peace, little angel, and we pray that those responsible for this callous heartless crime will not go unpunished.

It is terribly hard to imagine why it had to be the way it turned out, the short and painful existence of  Anthony Joseph Raine.