Sioux Lookout Welcomes Ring of Fire Announcement

Sioux Lookout Municipality

SIOUX LOOKOUT, ON – Aug. 21, 2017 - Mayor Lawrance is applauding the hard work the Northern First Nations and the Province have done to move forward with today’s announcement to Build an All-Season Access Road from Pickle Lake to support the of the Ring of Fire development, and most importantly, the access it will provide to the isolated First Nation communities north of Sioux Lookout.

Sioux Lookout is known as “The Hub of North” providing over 30,000 First Nations with access to Health Care, Child and Family Services, Education and Commerce. Sioux Lookout has been experiencing rapid growth and has invested over 250 million dollars in the past seven years. In 2014, Sioux Lookout completed a Mining Strategy which identified the opportunities in the mining sector that would impact the region.

In efforts to prepare for any development opportunities in the North, Sioux Lookout spent an additional $50 million which includes a $15 million Airport Terminal Expansion, upgrades to main road arteries, and sewer and water infrastructure. They have also completed a Corporate Strategy, an Economic Development Strategy, and a Commercial Industrial Lands Study, and are embarking on a Regional Energy Plan. 

The Municipality’s efforts to help foster the development of a First Nations owned and operated Regional Distribution Centre, to be situated at the Sioux Lookout Airport, will also be key in the Ring of Fire Development. By furthering efforts to provide healthy foods, medical supplies and essential goods to northern communities, this initiative will support efforts to help the remote First Nations communities to become more economically competitive and viable. 

Most importantly, Sioux Lookout has developed new strategic partnerships in efforts to prepare for the possible increased transportation requirements. This summer Sioux Lookout announced a partnership with Noront Resources, Morgan Fuels, First Mining Finance Corp., Township of 
Pickle Lake and CN Rail, identifying the location for a proposed Trans-load Facility to be built east of Sioux Lookout.

Mayor Lawrance commented on the announcement: “Sioux Lookout wanted to be ready for any developments north of the community. I attribute our success to being ready for this announcement to our visionary leaders and Administration team, including our commercial/industrial partners both locally and regionally.” Mayor Lawrance added, “We want to be a strategic partner with our Northern First Nations and the Province and look forward to working with them to see this project move forward. This is great news!” 

Sioux Lookout is currently undergoing an Official Plan review so the timing of this announcement is welcomed.