Grieg NL Accepts  Equity Investments for the Placentia Bay Atlantic Salmon Aquaculture Project 


Science of Salmon  Reported

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Chinook Salmon are Disappearing . . .

Safety Program Designed By Fishermen For Fishermen

Grieg Seafood Canada has New De-licer to Put to Work

Many companies in Canada had to pivot to stay alive and made deft moves through the pandemic of Covid-19 in 2020, and one of those companies is Walcan Seafood of Heriot Bay, B.C.. They process and market fresh seafood from Quadra Island, beside Campbell River, B.C.. 
     They deliver fresh and frozen fish and prawns and seafood products directly to customers on Vancouver Island and Greater Vancouver. Walcan Seafood switched to including direct sales to customers, expanding from purely processing and shipping seafood, and they added a Red Seal Chef and menu to the online business.  

FishSafeBC - Safest Catch Program


Indigenous Monitoring and Inspection Plan for the Broughton Archipelago

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The pressure we've put on wild salmon has created serious management challenges, according to John Paul Fraser, Executive Director of the B.C. Salmon Farmers Association. Fraser is familiar with the subject of managing west coast salmon, "I worked for Hon. David Anderson in the mid-1990s when he was the Minister Responsible for Department of Fisheries and Oceans." Fraser notes Anderson was from Victoria and uniquely able to move the focus of Canadian fisheries management from east to west coast at a time when it was required to do so. 

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Tide to Table Delivers Fresh Walcan Seafood
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Independent Data Concludes Sea Lice Prevalence in the Discovery Islands is Unchanged, Remains Low

Growing the Science of Salmon in Winter

FishSafeBC Transport Canada Orange Decal Program

. . . and Management Changes Could Fix It

Sea Change in West Coast Fish Farming

Grieg Seafood Commends Work of Ocean Legacy Foundation

Kitasoo/Xais’Xais First Nation and Mowi Renew Partnership Agreement

Dr. Dick Beamish's Talk at Seafood West Summit 

Salmon Farmers Building Social License With First Nations

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Women Welders Find Success in Salmon Industry

An Industry Removed from Carbon Intense Food Production

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Sliammon Hatchery: 70 Million Fish And Counting

CPI Equipment Inc Working on Potential Transition for Salmon Producers

Science Seminar Showcases Ocean and Aquaculture Research

Tide to Table Delivers Fresh Walcan Seafood
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The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, and Canada Engage the Project

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Less Threat of Depleting the World's Seafood Stocks

Fish Safe BC’s core programs provide fishermen with relevant safety training either on their own vessels or in their community. Focus remains on the Safest Catch Program and outreach to the smaller boat fleet. 


GOLD RIVER, BC – Feb. 28, 2022 - The expansion of Grieg Seafood BC Ltd.’s (Grieg’s) Gold River Hatchery project, known as the RAS 34 Project, is nearing completion, and in mid-February the project team celebrated reaching the first of three milestones signaling the end of the project is near.  "We are excited to share that the tanks within the new hatchery facility are being filled with water. This is a huge achievement and allows the focus to shift from overall construction to what we do best at Grieg, which is raise beautiful, healthy salmon for Canadians, and provide a growing global demand for nutritious, sustainable, protein. In total, the project represents an investment of over $25 million and the creation of almost 60 fulltime site positions at the peak of construction. 

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Federal Report Calls for Economic Growth Approach for Seafood Farming in Canada

Workwear for Fish Farms: Five things to consider

Dr. Diane Morrison Appointed Managing Director for Mowi West  

. . . as it looks to increase the time its salmon spend on land

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Creative Salmon Organic Looking Back and Ahead

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FishSafeBC’s Core Programs Provide Fishermen with Relevant Safety Training         READ IT HERE

Fish Mortalities, Temperature, and Toxic Algae

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Tim Rundle Named Organic Champion of the Year

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Major Milestone Reached by Grieg Seafood BC Ltd. 

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 Federal Court Sets Aside Decision to Remove Salmon Farms -- BCSFA Responds​.

ODiN Total Control at CPI Inc
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Fish in Atlantis – a milestone has been reached

We Have a Lot to Thank Percy Starr For 

Creative Salmon Organic, Tofino BC

Grieg Seafood BC Signs Agreement for Innovative New Biomass Estimation Cameras ​

Positioning Aquaculture and Agfood Sector for Long Term Growth

Joint Statement: Liberal Policy Harmful to Canada’s Innovative Seafood Farming Community, Not Based in Science

Designing Marine Emergency Duties for Fishing Crew Members

"Walcan creates seafood products that keep consumers coming back for more. Our product specialties include fresh commercially caught wild salmon, retort salmon, salmon roe, BC spot prawns and bait and food grade herring."

The Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance, together with its regional counterparts, BC Salmon Farmers Association, Ontario Aquaculture Association, Atlantic Canada Fish Farmers Association, BC Shellfish Growers Association, Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia, PEI Aquaculture Alliance and Newfoundland Aquaculture Industry Association, issued the following joint statement:

Something to Think About: "One Earner in Each Household"

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