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Sæplast Introduces Two New Products

 The rotationally molded polyethylene DP40FV combines the requirement for a flat top, easy to clean, textured pallet and fulfills customers’ needs for an anti-slip surface.   

The Sæplast DP40FV joins the company’s existing and highly successful Sæplast pallet line designed for the North American Market. All of the Sæplast DP40 pallet line offer 100% virgin food grade polyethylene that conform to all food contact regulation and complies fully for a total food safe option as compared to non-food friendly wooden pallets and brittle injection molded plastic pallets.   

Benefits & Attributes: ? Footprint: 48” x 40”  

> Flat Top – no ridges present around perimeter of product  

> Venting – Twelve (12) slot shaped vents on top of pallet  

> Friction – Nine (9) textured panels are a slip resistant feature which increase friction & can help to prevent sliding of product on the pallet.  

> Radical breakthrough with ingeniously designed integrated water channels.   

> Repairable  

> Flexible under stress  

The Sæplast DP40FV is manufactured from durable polyethylene and like all Sæplast products it can be personalized in a custom color and specified with a variety of tracking options including barcodes, QR codes and RFID tags

The DXS335 cold chain material handling containers were designed for the seafood industry. The DXS335 is essential for ease of handling your valuable catch. 

The DP40FV works well in moist or wet working environments to minimize the loaded product from shifting and sliding during loading or moving.  Additionally, the DP40FV will allow customers to use a slip sheet under the load without concerns of the  product getting dislodged or becoming askew. 

Upon harvest, place your prized catch in the

Sæplast DXS335 container with a slurry ice mix

for the transport to your processing plant.    

Fish is vulnerable to temperature changes and control of the temperature is therefore of the essence. The 100% food grade virgin polyethylene combined with the polyurethane insulation will assist in keeping your fish and ice chilled at the proper temperature to ensure top quality. The DXS335 is the optimal container for temperature control for transport.  

Improperly stored fish will spoil and can become unsafe for consumption. Quality starts at the point of harvest, as soon as the fish is taken out of the water. The benefits and savings are enormous using Sæplast PUR boxes with slurry ice. Quality lost is never regained so using the Sæplast DXS335 is an easy solution for optimal quality.   

Combining Sæplast DXS335 Containers and proper handling techniques separate your premium quality from the competitor’s good quality.  

To find out more about Saeplast, the trusted innovator of plastic material handling solutions to the seafood industry please see our latest product offerings at   

The Sæplast DXS335 is manufactured from durable polyethylene and like all Sæplast products it can be personalized in a custom color with colored logos and can be outfitted with a variety of tracking options including barcodes, QR codes and RFID tags.

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Sæplast Introduces a New Anti-Skid Pallet for In-Plant Environments

Sæplast has developed another offering to their 48” x 40” footprint pallet line. The newly developed model DP40FV is ideal for any closed loop applications and its anti-skid design is sure to be highly beneficial.  

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Sæplast is introducing the new DXS335 PUR container and lid that was designed as a harvest and transport container for the shrimp, herring, bait, and other fish species transport needs.    

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