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Full Spectrum Aquaculture Site Engineering

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Poseidon Ocean Systems was founded in 2015 by Matt Clarke, P.Eng, President, and co-founder, Heather Clark​e​, B.Comm, Vice President of Business Operations, established in response to increasing demand for engineering efficiency in aquaculture operations around the world.

Matt ​Clarke graduated University of British Columbia ​with a degree as an engineer in Applied Science (B.A.Sc.), in 2006, and launched a career in Integrated Engineering, Project Management, Product Development and Marine Engineering. He served in Canadian Forces Army Reserve, Search and Rescue at Canadian Coast Guard, and employment at Marine Harvest Canada as Marine Engineer and Project Manager. 

Poseidon Ocean Systems was established to pioneer aquaculture product, services and developments and has become a rapidly growing ocean systems enterprise.

Employee safety is paramount in the engineering of mooring systems for open ocean net pens. Raising salmon involves the creation of personnel and production safety via secure ocean pens in remote locations. A large part of the task is also to keep large and persistent predators at bay,

As an innovation-oriented group within a $1.5 billion a year industry in B.C., Clarke's growing team looks forward to increasing development and more construction of net pen systems to hold large investments in B.C.'s richest agricultural product, salmon. The company is​ progressing as a global leader in aquaculture solutions and technology in every aspect of project development, "thoughtfully, collaboratively, and creatively," says Clarke. "We supply full-service aquaculture engineering/support in a company specializing in aquaculture infrastructure design, engineering, development, supply, and installation."

Campbell River, B.C., on central Vancouver Island is the home-base for Poseidon Ocean Systems. Rugged scenery and extreme oceanic conditions, it is a challenging environment for a marine engineer. Says Clarke, "High currents, exposed sites and powerful storms are common occurrences in our part of the world. In response to challenges we have developed experience and technical capacity to design, engineer and supply oceanic aquaculture infrastructure to enhance world-class operations in our waters, operating safely under the harshest conditions."

Working on remote net pen sites and fish farm operations requires a collaborative approach.  Poseidon's customers receive tailor-made solutions for specific needs. "Different regions present different challenges, and we take pride in developing solutions for customers' unique requirements."

Raising fish requires evolving logistics in year​-round harvests, meeting complex challenges in processing, interfacing with delivery systems to domestic and international markets, "We design and supply all manner of aquaculture equipment and build aquaculture infrastructure from the seafloor up. This includes cutting-edge mooring systems and equipment, net-pen construction and life support systems. We research and develop and build specific technological solutions and equipment for customers." 

Poseidon Product and Services Include:

* Life support systems: air and oxygen diffusion 
* Mooring systems
* Net pens (metal and HDPE)
* Nets (all types)
* Anti-predation nets
* Algae and plankton mitigation systems
* Oxygen supplementation systems

Poseidon is engaged in full spectrum site engineering and design, covering the many facets of modern aquaculture growing healthy animals in net pen systems. "We are international exporters and engineers of cutting-edge air and oxygen diffusion Life Support Systems. These Poseidon-designed systems specifically raise dissolved oxygen levels, mitigate against algae blooms and harmful plankton, and streamline harvest and treatment operations," he says.

Poseidon Ocean Systems is a world leader and proud innovator of life support technology for aquaculture, providing aeration and oxygen disbursement systems to aquaculture companies. Expert engineering and design of net pen construction is sourced, supplied, and deployed in the most advanced net-pens in the world. 

"We provide industry-leading net-pen construction. We have experienced engineers in design, analysis and integration of complete primary and predator nets." Poseidon has become one of the most trusted names in Canadian aquaculture. "For nets, net pens and marine cages, we have expertise, knowledge, and technical ability to design from a wide range of materials to meet specific performance requirements of aquaculture operations."

Innovation is essential in a highly regulated and safety-oriented industry, "We design, build, source, supply and deploy the most advanced aquaculture pen systems in the world," says Clarke. Mooring systems are the core of farm site employee safety and security of product. "We completely engineer mooring packages." From concept to design to supply, "We specialize in system solutions for extreme conditions, hazardous site locations, and regulated environments. We have generations of sea-faring experience coursing through our blood. It’s what we do, it’s what we love and it’s what we know. 

"As marine engineers, we are scientists, striving to advance shared knowledge of marine environments and aquaculture systems. It’s our commitment to R & D  that has spawned the next generation of Canadian aquaculture solutions ranging from incremental improvements to paradigm-shifting breakthroughs in our field.  We have pioneered a range of products for marine pen systems that efficiently integrate and organize systems deployed. Cost-effective solutions provide a range of benefits: eliminating trip hazards on pen walkways, preventing damage to floating collars from work vessels, simplified net rigging and dedicated routing for power, air, predator systems and more."

With marine aquaculture one of the fastest growing industries on the West Coast and around the world, Poseidon Ocean Systems is expanding and seeking dynamic, passionate and qualified professionals to join the team. Regarding joining the Poseidon Team, "We’re always on the lookout for motivated, qualified personnel, so even if there are no current job postings available, we invite you to send us your resume." Please send a cover letter and resume to  Careers@PoseidonOS.com 

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