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One probable projection including forecasted licensee obligation, Sect. 108, FFT and FCI seedlings

Plotting 2020's Estimated 40-Million Seedling Increase

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Table: BC Planting - Seasonal Projections

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The die is cast, or more accurately, the sowing cavities are filled (nearly) in nurseries that will see at least 308-million seedlings come on the market during this fall’s tree planting bidding and negotiating tournament for the 2020 reforestation program.

This year’s annual reforestation total is headed to somewhere between 270 to 280-million seedlings. Almost all of the 2020 estimated 40-million seedling increase over 2019’s total planting will occur in next year’s spring planting window.

April, May and June are months particularly vulnerable to the vicissitudes of weather including frost and floods as the province goes from winter to summer. These can delay and disrupt the annual reforestation campaign.

And spring is already the busiest reforestation season with the planting sector typically operating at peak capacity. Getting from this year’s 211-million spring seedlings to 250-million next year will prove challenging.

Anticipating this, MFLNRORD has extended the spring planting window ten days beyond the usual 21 June deadline. Contractors began preparing for next year’s full-court-press of planting by raising bid prices this year to increase planters’ earnings.

Thanks to the cooperation of the market, licensee and government clients, the sector’s prospects for higher worker recruitment and retention rates have improved.
Still, in order to meet the exceptional reforestation demand forecasted over the coming years, contractors and their clients will have to find innovative and creative ways to collaborate.

Just what that might look like in actual practice will be very much on the minds of nursery operators, planting contractors and independent consulting foresters attending next week’s WFCA 2019 Business and Market Summit:

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