Southern Interior Safe Boating Society receives updates and a new wrap for their boat

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KingFisher Welded Sportfishing Boats Supports Water Safety

VERNON, BC – May 1, 2018 - For the Southern Interior Safe Boating Society, visibility is important. As a group of volunteers committed to awareness about safe boating practices, the last thing they want is to blend in. With a little help from KingFisher Boats, that won’t be a problem for the 2018 season.

“We are passionate about creating positive and safe boating experiences” said Ciy Young, Society President, “The generosity of KingFisher Boats makes us more visible on the water and provides a new chapter to our longstanding legacy of Boating Safety on Okanagan Lake.”

 It all began last year, when the Society began looking for a vessel of their own to operate in 2018. Society and Vernon Yacht Club member Murray Robertson then offered his 22.5’ Harbercraft for their use under a multi-year lease agreement.

KingFisher Boats was quick to jump in and take on the task of updating the legacy Harbercraft Boat. Assembly technicians installed new batteries, capable of powering the new lighting system; added additional bow rails, upgraded the radio and ensured all systems would be a go for the upcoming season. The final piece, was taking the paint from a deep green to a more visible colour. Wholesale Grafix provided a new candy red wrap and decals for the boat, quickly transforming it into a bright red safety beacon.

 “Building boats is what we do,” said Mike Clements, Operations Manager. “But more importantly, we support safe boating practices. We are happy to help local groups like the Southern Interior Safe Boating Society who spend their days on the water, improving safety awareness”

 The Southern Interior Safe Boating Society are the friendly faces out on the water. They offer information, and assistance when possible to boaters on Okanagan lake. They act as a resource for people who may be unfamiliar with best practices and protocols.

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