WILLIAMS LAKE, BC - May 15, 2018 - The Ts^ilhqot’in Nation welcomes some of the recommendations released last week by the BC Flood and Wildfire Review, but remains disappointed by the lack of opportunity for involvement in the process and outstanding concerns over the rushed timelines.  Although the Ts^ilhqot’in have shown significant leadership in this area and their territory was home to the largest wildfires in the Province’s recorded history, no official invitation to participate was received by their Tribal Chairman.

Sep. 29, 2017 - One of the main functions of any brain is to figure out what is going to happen next. The same applies to intelligent businesses. The general irony, of course, is that the future is unknowable. Notwithstanding the latter, the WFCA held its 2017 Annual Business and Market Summit this week to gather evidence and help forecast the demand for forestry services in B.C. going forward. Here is a brief synopsis of some of the principal findings based on data and estimates from the Forest Enhancement Society of BC, MRLNRORD Forests for Tomorrow, and BC Timber Sales.
     Sowing requests for planting in 2018 are not complete as we wait for all licensees to submit their summer planting figures. So far next year’s spring planting is at 197.4 million. 
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Unprecedented Increase in Surveying, Sowing and Planting

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As the fires continue to burning across B.C. and folks in far away places like USA are complaining about the excessive smoke, it's time to consider what the hell happened this summer to make this province go up in flames. As of August 8, 2017, "Wildfires are continuing to tear through British Columbia one month after the provincial government declared a state of emergency. Kevin Skrepnek of the B.C. Wildfire Service said the province has seen 904 fires since April 1 and most of the major blazes wreaking havoc are ones that prompted the state of emergency declaration July 7," source, Times Colonist The discussion began a few years ago about expecting horrific fires since the mountain pine beetle killed vast tracts of lodgepole pine in B.C. thus an absolute disaster of combustible biomass would be sitting on the forest floor. Furthermore, forestry experts in B.C. said these fires were not going to be normal forest fire events because they will burn so much hotter.

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2017's B.C. Fire Season by Some Selected Numbers

Tsilhqot’in forced to begin legal challenge while fighting wildfires

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Established circa 1920 as Forest Fire Prevention Week, the intention was to encourage greater public awareness towards Canada’s forests.  At the time, there was no apparent shortage of trees for industrial expansion – the greatest threat came from forest fires, due mainly to human causes.                                                    READ MORE 

Location: Northern BC Date: May 2018: Submitted to WFCA by: Jordan Tesluk, Forestry Safety Advocate (Reprinted with permission)

      Each year, thousands of young tree planting workers make their way through Northern BC to reach their new jobs. While many own vehicles or find transportation through their employer or co-workers, others make their own way to their new job, and some resort to hitch-hiking.

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Alliance of Ontario First Nations and Non-First Nations asks American Activist Group to End the Harmful Rhetoric and Join in Support of Evidence-Based Policy Development                                                                        READ IT HERE

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West Fraser’s Kerry Douglas, of Quesnel & Campbell River’s Ed Wilcock, E&B Helicopters, receive 2017 safety awards


Tŝilhqot’in Respond to Independent Wildfire Review

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Tsilhqot’in Nation Celebrates Success in 2018 Mushroom Harvest Management

Sep 24–30, 2017

WILLIAMS LAKE, BC: July 17, 2017: In a shocking move, while four of six Tsilhqot’in communities are evacuated due to raging wildfires surrounding their communities, and while the communities have engaged in brave efforts to fight for their very survival, British Columbia has granted controversial drilling permits over the objections of the Tsilhqot’in. The Nation is outraged that the BC Ministry of Energy and Mines has issued permits to allow Taseko Mines Ltd. to conduct extensive pre-construction exploration for the New Prosperity mine proposal. This mine cannot be built. It was rejected twice by the Harper-era Federal Government in 2010 (Prosperity) and 2014 (New Prosperity) due to strong opposition by the Tsilhqot’in Nation and unacceptable environmental and cultural impacts.

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It’s Tick Season: Pilot Project to Save Ticks for Science

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Indigenous Jurisdiction an Ancient and Modern Reality

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Summary And Synopsis Of Forecasts For Forestry Services 

Wildfire Protection Planning in B.C.'s Devastated Forests

While bears grab most of the headlines for wildlife dangers in forestry, the western black-legged tick carries a less visible and difficult-to-track threat in the form of Lyme disease, transmitted by bacteria in the insects. 

National Forestry Week

THUNDER BAY, ON - Sep. 6, 2017 - Three months after calling for support for the interim management of the Ogoki Forest , officials from the Agoke Development Limited Partnership (ADLP) announced today that on June 26 they were notified along with their project partners that they were selected to develop the next 10-year Ogoki Forest Management Plan (FMP) and are beginning talks with Ontario to discuss their business plan on an interim arrangement while they develop a new permanent management model.                     READ IT HERE  

This nation of Houses, clans, and villages occupies the mainland, several islands in an archipelago, and the top of Vancouver Island on both sides. When the Spanish sailed up to one of the well-populated villes they were visited immediately by the chief  

      Lyme disease is increasingly recognized among Canadians, but remains under-diagnosed. Different species of ticks can also transmit other diseases such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. The BC Centre for Disease Control reported a historic high of 40 Lyme disease cases 

Silviculture Workers Face Changes to Transportation Options for Northern Worksites

For the past few years some tree-planting contractors have piloted a BCTS contractor rating system and a continuous bid deposit process. Both innovations have been voluntary. At the same time BCTS has changed how it holds planting contractors to agreements. In the past successful bidder performance may have been secured through cash or bonds. Under the new regime no upfront money is involved, but BCTS has the right to prohibit a contractor from bidding on work for two years if they “fail to promptly and faithfully perform the contract in accordance with the terms and conditions specified.” 

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McColl Magazine is operating under the maxim "Indigenous Canadian economic development is the pathway to progress for all Canadians"

"NRDC Does Not Speak for Us"

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Indigenous life on the west coast of Canada provides a host of cultural contrasts within a modern society. Indigenous jurisdiction on the west coast was defined by a system and ceremony known as Potlatch in which people even today express a lot of unique national heritage. Today's Indigenous descendants employ indelibly cultural artistic endeavours. Indigenous Nations identify the presence of their communities with iconic art found in countless locations on the coast. When you come to see major features in Indigenous Canadian Northwest art you are likely in the midst of an Indigenous community. 

In time of crisis, B.C makes unbelievable move to approve drilling permits for twice rejected New Prosperity mine

Agoke Development Limited Partnership to Develop 10-Year Ogoki Forest Management Plan 

BCTS Considers Widening New Forestry Contract Tendering and Performance Options

Western Forestry Contractor's Association