No it’s not a Bigfoot. It’s a guy—in the bush with the camera— looking for Bigfoot (Tod Standing: Facebook, pictured at right.)

A while back we asked workers to report on what they had found on cutblocks and plantations. We got miles of wildfire hose, various logging bits including blocks, straps, cables and cable guillotines, marlin spikes, chokers, axes and two Stihl 090 chainsaws—both in running order.

Along with those somewhat predictable findings came an antique silver teapot (quite valuable), two old settler hay pitchforks, a wedding ring, a leather football, the remains of a weather balloon and a plane crash. (The injured pilot managed to show up in a nearby planting camp missing his plane and some memory.)

One thing that has yet to show up (to us) is a Bigfoot sighting or footprints. There now may be a reason for that. According to Albertan crypto-zoologist and Bigfoot hunter Todd Standing British Columbia has been negligent in preserving the putative hominoid’s habitat endangering the species. He intends to take the Province to court here as well as in some of the United States claiming he can prove the animal exists. 

We are not sure what the standards for acceptable Bigfoot evidence are. But if any workers find some, you know where to find us. We will pass it on to Mr. Standing.

(In connection with this we would like to acknowledge the passing earlier this year of respected Comox B.C. wildlife biologist John Bindernagle who was convinced the Sasquatch was native to the province and other parts. He authored a number of books on the topic including North America’s Great Ape: The Sasquatch. He was 77.)

Story reprinted with permission of:

Tod Standing: Facebook 

WFCA Website

Forestry Workers on Bigfoot Alert