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First Nations sign Shared Territory Protocol Agreement in Sioux Lookout, Ontario news

Thunder Bay, ON – In northwest Ontario news, the leadership of the Peshewesaheknik, (Cat Lake) Obishikokaang, (Lac Seul) and Bimaychikamah, (Slate Falls) First Nations were pleased to announce, Mar. 3, 2017,  that they entered into a historic Protocol Agreement.

The agreement celebrates and outlines the practical mechanisms for equally sharing economic benefits within the Nation’s shared territories. The agreement is to re-establish the concepts of shared use. It clarifies and presents a general position on the First Nation understanding that harvesting rights and sustenance are transferable beyond lines and borders which are generated by provincial legislation and treaties.

Much discussion still needs to be undertaken by the three First Nations nonetheless the Shared Territory Protocol challenges the validity of various pieces of legislation that encouraged the drawing of lines, and boundaries. The Protocol will encourage dialogue with provincial and federal partners, but first the First Nations agree they must come to common understandings prior to raising their voices on these long outstanding issues.

The three First Nations are travelled to the PDAC International Convention in Toronto as “One Voice” on common Industrial and Provincial issues and to foster and encourage strategic partnerships. The PDAC is the world’s leading convention for people, companies and organizations in, or connected with, mineral exploration and finance. The Ontario Ring of Fire news is in the region.

Hence activities and connecting on synergies begins with nearby First Nations, and Municipalities with common interests in survival. The Sioux Lookout Friendship Accord, which all three Nations are signatory too, recognizes and affirms that First Nations and Municipalities have common interests and barriers and understands that a strategic partnership is required to tackle social-economic issues, barriers and solutions. The Municipality of Sioux Lookout and the Township of Pickle Lake are participating with their neighbours at events like PDAC.​

Vicki Blanchard rallies the partners