Commercial Law Missing from Indigenous Peoples' Economy?

Jane Ash Poitras, C.M.
Edmonton, Alberta
Jane Ash Poitras’s unique artistic vision encompasses many diverse topics and themes and helps give voice to Indigenous people in Canada. An internationally-celebrated visual artist of Cree descent, she has created contemporary mixed-media collages that are infused with powerful social and cultural meaning.                                                                            READ IT HERE

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​Silence is creeping closer, the gentle lapping of the sea a beautiful opaque turquoise blue warmed by the sun splashes elegantly over pale golden white sand, tiny pink and ivory cowrie shells and pebbles that pattern in zig zigzags the tideline. Sea pinks on rocks shake in a slight breeze, and a tern skims over head and disappears. 
    The modern hustle and bustle of life is on hold and I am yet again on an island, St Martins in-fact. St Martins is one of 200 Islands, Islets and rocks that form the Isles of Scilly situated on the Atlantic Ocean, roughly 28 miles from the tip of Cornwall, England and forty miles from Penzance Harbour. Six of the Islands are inhabited Bryher, Tresco, St Marys, St Agnes, St Martins and Gugh.
   The Isles of Scilly has a mystical often sub-tropical allure, Tresco Island especially is well known for its sub-tropical Tresco Abbey gardens and is home to over 20,000 plants that flourish in paradise, it's unbelievable that such a place exists in the British Isles. 
    There is an incredible history to the Islands which are thought to have first been visited at the end of the last Ice age 10,000 years ago, the first settlers are believed to have been from the Bronze Age. Reflections of the past are scattered on all the Islands from Bronze Age grave entrance caves and Roman alters to Medieval castles and exist almost frozen in time endowed in wildlife. On every visit here it feels as though all of it has been discovered afresh, it never gets boring.                                                                                                                                                                                           READ IT HERE

Isles of Scilly has a Mystical Often Sub-tropical Allure

I war a good looking guy in my youf, woman were aw over me, I`ad more bitches around me than the bleedin judge at crufts. Id blame god but i'm no ping pong believer in the bloke that got my father's lover up the duff. The bloody gaia 'ypothesis, knahn as gaia theory is not a truth its a fackt.                                           

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The heavy manmade scent of jasmine perfume surrounds her in the evening breeze, reaching into her designer handbag, she pays for a mug of coffee then sits down. She has many pairs of high heels, everyday she walks here in a pair of them, beauty and glamour is important to her and her femininity is a strength. Jewellery, diamonds, expensive cosmetics, new shoes . .  . she has it all.                                                                    READ IT HERE

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