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CHRT Issues Fourth Ruling to Canada 

Host Communities: Shoal Lake Cree Nation | Red Earth Cree Nation | Cumberland House Cree Nation 

In the last month a new narrative has arisen in the anti-Trans Mountain pipeline community: that the market for bitumen is non-existent because it is “far inferior to the higher-quality oil” sold in the United States and that due to the new Louisiana Offshore Oil Port (LOOP) there will be no market for Alberta’s bitumen.

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Before the birth of 'Industrial Nations' in the late 1800s, before the end of the Mercantile Trade and Barter economy as happened in the mid 1800s, before Napoleon freed European Jews from the ghettos of Europe in 1802, the people of the North West Coast conducted an thriving economy complete with complex international trade protocols and records.                    READ IT HERE 

There is a World Economic Order in Those Images

To See How Canada Will Legislate Reconciliation 

AFN National Chief Welcomes Name Change for ‘National Indigenous Peoples Day’

The Games Committee of the Tony Cote Winter Games 2018 announced the appointment of Mr. Lyle Daniels as the Games Manager. Mr. Daniels brings a wealth of experience to the games, including eight years as a former Director of Sport, Culture, Youth and Recreation for the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN), a former Team Saskatchewan Chef de Missions for the 2006 North American Indigenous Games in Denver Colorado and Sport Manager, First Nation Summer Games 2017.  
      Along with Mr. Daniels the committee would like to introduce Mr. Wendell Head as Chair of the Games. Mr. Head, a member of the Red Earth Cree Nation, is looking forward to working with the Committee, Mr. Daniels, the Crew and the Host Communities of Cumberland House Cree Nation, Red Earth Cree Nation and Shoal Lake Cree Nation.                                                                                                                                READ IT HERE   

Vancouver Island's Saratoga Beach

Significant Victory for First Nation Children In Care

Ken Edwards, Indigenous North American Artist/Historian

This nation of Houses, clans, and villages occupies the mainland, several islands in an archipelago, and the top of Vancouver Island on both sides. When the Spanish sailed up to one of the well-populated villes they were visited immediately by the chief     READ IT HERE

Crossing paths in Gitxsan

Hugh Hefner almost single handedly created the most difficult addiction known to men, porn addiction. Women know he was pretending to be for women's rights when he sexually exploited them, and most women don't understand people who are celebrating him. By addicting men to pornography, an addiction women are essentially incapable of sharing, the porn industry which he was the leader of has isolated women from the normal care 

and concern of a marital relationship including sex and admiration. 

     ​Because porn addiction leads to infantile behaviour such as chronic (private) masturbation, a woman married to a porn addict is saddled with a large overgrown child who disappears often to lose control of their addiction and spins into anti-social behaviour when they are restricted from access to their 'need.' So in reality Hefner did neither gender any favours by contributing greatly to the breakdown of society, family's marital unit.

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​Silence is creeping closer, the gentle lapping of the sea a beautiful opaque turquoise blue warmed by the sun splashes elegantly over pale golden white sand, tiny pink and ivory cowrie shells and pebbles that pattern in zig zigzags the tideline. Sea pinks on rocks shake in a slight breeze, and a tern skims over head and disappears. 
    The modern hustle and bustle of life is on hold and I am yet again on an island, St Martins in-fact. St Martins is one of 200 Islands, Islets and rocks that form the Isles of Scilly situated on the Atlantic Ocean, roughly 28 miles from the tip of Cornwall, England and forty miles from Penzance Harbour. Six of the Islands are inhabited Bryher, Tresco, St Marys, St Agnes, St Martins and Gugh.
   The Isles of Scilly has a mystical often sub-tropical allure, Tresco Island especially is well known for its sub-tropical Tresco Abbey gardens and is home to over 20,000 plants that flourish in paradise, it's unbelievable that such a place exists in the British Isles. 
    There is an incredible history to the Islands which are thought to have first been visited at the end of the last Ice age 10,000 years ago, the first settlers are believed to have been from the Bronze Age. Reflections of the past are scattered on all the Islands from Bronze Age grave entrance caves and Roman alters to Medieval castles and exist almost frozen in time endowed in wildlife. On every visit here it feels as though all of it has been discovered afresh, it never gets boring.

    St Martins is the third largest Island and my personal favourite, yellow gorse, purple flowering heather and an array of different colours pattern moorland.         

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McColl Magazine news and opinion on crime

Economic development is a promising direction for First Nations in Canada especially since the process has come under close scrutiny from coast-to-coast. Back in 2008 the University of Toronto Law School held a unique forum on First Nation economic development. “I think the most important thing is that everyone recognizes First Nation economic development is a political matter,” said event moderator Professor Doug Sanderson.                                              READ IT HERE

Eclampsia and Cats: (milk fever)

It is widely held that the Medicine Wheel represents harmonious connections to all creation and all created things. in Native American spirituality, and, in the context of modern society, the Medicine Wheel  is believed to be a major symbol of interaction               READ IT HERE

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Fundamentalsof Birch Bark Biting 

Official statistics on the number of dog attacks within Canada are non-existent. There is little argument however that most of these attacks seem to afflict First Nation communities. Municipalities and provinces have the legal capacity to deal with animal control issues. Winnipeg City Council introduced a ban on pit bull terriers in 1990.      READ IT HERE

​Bizarre Narrative About Bitumen Being an “Inferior” Form of Crude Oil 

Requiem for a dear departed friend

TORONTO, ON - Feb. 15, 2018 - “Yesterday’s announcement by the government of Canada, in its commitment to establish a new “recognition and implementation of Indigenous rights framework”, leaves many open questions. First Nations and Canada must now engage on a significant and broad range of Section 35 rights within a limited mandate and timeframe.

      This national engagement is an enormous undertaking and the government must fully engage and work directly with the rights holders on this new framework.                               READ IT HERE

Porn Addiction is Undead

Watson Island Remediation

When I first came across this art, an original signed by Ken Edwards, I yearned to hold it, to in some way discover a tale surrounding its two star-crossed lovers sharing warmth as they looked beyond into the bright light of the moon. The moon lighting the teepees . . . were they lovers at all? Perhaps they were just siblings or family sharing a blanket.   READ IT HERE

David Segerts is a man who lives for positive change in Canadian society. Sitting one day with Segerts in his tastefully decorated apartment I felt surrounded by an orderly nature given to his lifestyle and was treated to his impeccable manners.                    READ IT HERE

Tsilhqot’in Drumming fills House of Commons during Historic Session 

Kerri-Lynne Emily Dick, now in her mid-30s, is a master weaver in the tradition of the Haida, Kwaguilth, Tlingit, and Kootenay peoples. As she describes it, to her cedar weaving comes as naturally as breathing. She says that basically her whole life has been immersed in the Haida and Kwaguilth culture. "I personally would never call it a cultural revival. It still existed because of strong families and strong lineages."    READ IT HERE

Veterinary services missing in Indigenous communities

Daily foreign exchange trading volume is $4 trillion. Forex, aka Foreign Exchange, helps determine the value of currency. Value is set by buyers and sellers in the 24 hour market exchange of currencies. Forex is conducted around the clock by many different participants, hedge funds, multi-national corporations, commercial banks. In the beginning of the new millenium PC technology opened the floor to everybody. It takes study be successful in forex trading. READ IT HERE

OTTAWA, ON - Jun 21, 2017 – Assembly of First Nations Nation Chief Perry Bellegarde supports the new name for June 21 – National Indigenous Peoples Day – as a name consistent with the international recognition of Indigenous peoples and consistent with AFN resolution calling for the name change.

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Angelique Merasty Levac has been an ambassador for the Woodland Cree nation through her expertise as a birch bark biting artist from Northern Manitoba. She is prolific producing the art from birch bark. “I go home once a year and search for my birch bark in Manitoba. It takes me about three and four days to find the bark, free of knot, white birch, with few branches. I have to search for the straight tree and when I find it usually the first layer is weather damaged, and that’s no good, and sometimes the second layer is too.  You use the third, fourth, and . . . .                  READ IT HERE

 The economy in the Northwest Pacific of B.C. is transitional with many possible activities that could change the city into the port of "now." This port of the future has been in its history envisioned to have world-class facilities and urban infrastructure in the area of Prince Rupert (on Kaien Island).         READ IT HERE

I am at my nephew's funeral, but in all this world there is no real trace of him left. A candle burns among a circle of vibrant flowers, but he will not find any warmth from it and the flowers will wither in days. Funerals are for the living to say goodbye to the dead                        READ IT HERE

As summer winds down I gaze upon blue green mountains with pale peaks that stack on top of a darkening vista, here late in the afternoon a fluffy cloud floats still on an asure sky. Crickets chirp, "Try", says a resident, "to ever find one." Indeed despite kicking some dandelions and sending wishes on their way, I cannot.                                      READ IT HERE

Indigenous Jurisdiction in Canada

I war a good looking guy in my youf, woman were aw over me, I`ad more bitches around me than the bleedin judge at crufts. Id blame god but i'm no ping pong believer in the bloke that got my father's lover up the duff. The bloody gaia 'ypothesis, knahn as gaia theory is not a truth its a fackt. It proposes that organisms interact wif their inorganic surroundings on earf ter form a self-regulatin'-- Yeah ang on a min sunshine im talkin complex system that contributes ter maintainin -- Are y listenin? -- the conditions for Porridge life on the planet. If y ask me that makes more sense. I 'ave nah idea wot i'm talking abaht but I fink its nickle and dime ter go to the pub and get a stiff one or at least a pint.                                                READ IT HERE   

Eclampsia in cats is often known by breeders as milk fever. Anyone with breeding knowledge knows that it is a life-threatening condition. Some queens are simply prone to it and there is nothing an owner can do to to stop it occurring. However it is usually because of a high demand on her milk supply due to a larger litter.  It can happen one to three weeks after giving birth or whilst feeding smaller litters. If a queen is suffering from eclampsia, quick action is needed to save her life (and sometimes the pregnancy itself is at serious risk). It's important if you do have a pregnant or nursing cat you learn about the condition and are able to spot the signs of this illness in due haste.    READ IT HERE

Cedar bark weaving comes from deep roots

Lateral Violence in First Nations

Tony Cote First Nation Winter Games 2018 Appointed Lyle Daniels Games Manager

The World is Watching

The heavy manmade scent of jasmine perfume surrounds her in the evening breeze, reaching into her designer handbag, she pays for a mug of coffee then sits down. She has many pairs of high heels, everyday she walks here in a pair of them, beauty and glamour is important to her and her femininity is a strength. Jewellery, diamonds, expensive cosmetics, new shoes . .  . she has it all.                                                                    READ IT HERE

Isles of Scilly has a Mystical Often Sub-tropical Allure

Immediate Relief Essential in Moving Forward on Child Welfare Reform

Rick La Violette is a life-long logger and this is no mean feat because, along with being a self-motivated licensed contractor, when you are a logger, you are often equally a survivor. It is one of the most dangerous occupations known to man, outside of, say, fightin' the terrorists. La Violette started dreaming of building a First Nation logging outfit when he was a young man working around Burns Lake, B.C..    READ IT HERE

Jane Ash Poitras, C.M.
Edmonton, Alberta
Jane Ash Poitras’s unique artistic vision encompasses many diverse topics and themes and helps give voice to Indigenous people in Canada. An internationally-celebrated visual artist of Cree descent, she has created contemporary mixed-media collages that are infused with powerful social and cultural meaning.                                                                            READ IT HERE

OTTAWA, ON - Feb. 1, 2018 - Today, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal released an important decision about Canada’s discrimination against First Nation children and young people in the child welfare system.  This Tribunal concluded that Canada continues to discriminate against First Nations kids, and ordered short-term remedies that Canada has to provide to help fix discrimination now. As this decision is implemented, Canada will continue to work with First Nations and others towards broader reform of child welfare services. 

OTTAWA, ON - Feb. 1, 2018 -  Assembly of First Nations (AFN) National Chief Perry Bellegarde today said immediate relief for First Nations children and families must be the next urgent step in child welfare reform, and the Government of Canada must work together with First Nations to uphold the fourth and most recent compliance order by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. “Nothing short of immediate action will suffice at this point,” said AFN National Chief Perry Bellegarde.  “Our children deserve justice and fairness. We need immediate relief for children in care and we must stop ripping families apart – not tomorrow, not in six months, not in one year but today.  

Chiefs of Ontario convince Canadian Human Rights Tribunal to order Canada to fund Band Representative Services and Mental Health Services

A Primer on Forex Trading

Fisheries and Aquaculture news and feature stories

Saratoga Beach, Vancouver Island, a welcome sight 

High Heels:  The High Price

Part 1                                        Part 2                                            Part 3

Medicine Wheel Ceremony North American Phenomenon 

Greg Renouf of Genuine Witty

As I learned from a trip to the  museum located in the small tranquil town of Courtenay, on Vancouver Island, a short ride up the Coast-hugging Island Highway, the Comox Valley was once mainly a saltlake lagoon home to gigantic reptiles as well as other diverse and exciting marine creatures. 

One 80 million year old fossil at the museum looked ferocious as it spanned metres of a circular display, frozen in time, hunting its prey. Another creature in the downtown museum, is living, looks more like a giant newt or salamander than a Loch Ness Monster. Her name is Pam, my friend informed me, as she pressed her strange distorted face to the glass of the tank and observed us. 

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Suicide: Is there no right or wrong?

Jane Ash Poitras Awarded the Order of Canada

Commercial Law Missing from Indigenous Peoples' Economy?