Sioux Lookout, ON – The Municipality of Sioux Lookout continues to build upon its successful relationships with area First Nations. Council recently adopted the Chief Administrative Officer’s Report on potential Municipal responses to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Final Report and Calls to Action. The Report identifies various Calls to Action categories and outlines general Municipal directional responses to the identified objectives. At the same meeting, and at Mayor Lawrance’s request, Council endorsed the creation of an ad hoc committee . . .                  READ IT HERE

I am at my nephew's funeral, but in all this world there is no real trace of him left. A candle burns among a circle of vibrant flowers, but he will not find any warmth from it and the flowers will wither in days. Funerals are for the living to say goodbye to the dead                        READ IT HERE

Ken Edwards, Indigenous North American Artist/Historian

As summer winds down I gaze upon blue green mountains with pale peaks that stack on top of a darkening vista, here late in the afternoon a fluffy cloud floats still on an asure sky. Crickets chirp, "Try", says a resident, "to ever find one." Indeed despite kicking some dandelions and sending wishes on their way, I cannot.                                      READ IT HERE

There is a World Economic Order in Those Images

VICTORIA, B.C. - July 31, 2017 – The Tsilhqot’in Nation is in BC Supreme Court in Victoria today challenging a provincial drilling permit issued to Taseko Mines Limited.
    The permit approves an extensive drilling program by Taseko Mines to advance its rejected New Prosperity Mine project. The permit authorizes Taseko to clear 76 kilometres of new or modified trails, 122 exploratory drill holes, 367 excavated test pits and 20 kilometres of seismic lines near Fish Lake, known to the Tsilhqot’in as Teztan Biny, an area of cultural and spiritual significance for the Tsilhqot’in.              READ IT HERE

Indigenous Jurisdiction in Canada

Court hearing follows letter from CEAA advising company that drilling program for New Prosperity is illegal

This meeting was held over one and one half days at the Lac Seul Event Centre. Approximately 100 people attended, including representatives from regional First Nations, private sector, government agencies, social enterprises, education, and others. Topics covered by speakers included: RDC Update, Ontario Social Enterprise Strategy, Local Organic Food Coops Network, Paying for Nutrition – et al       READ IT HERE

Lateral Violence in First Nations

The How and Why of Arctic Food Security

Nutrition North Canada (NNC) is a program put in place to subsidize select foods for Nunavut communities. The controversy about northern food prices arises every year and with each passing government. For example, in 2014 the federal Auditor’s General Report recommended changes to community eligibility, also to ensure the subsidies are passed onto consumers, and to improve the application of cost containment measures.             READ IT HERE 

First Nations Sign Shared Territory Protocol Agreement

Mayor's Report on Sioux Lookout Regional Distribution Centre Meetings

(Ottawa, ON) – Assembly of First Nations (AFN) National Chief Perry Bellegarde welcomed Canada’s commitment to implement the Paris Agreement on climate change and emphasized the need for action to mitigate the effects of climate change and carbon pricing as it affects First Nations.                    READ IT HERE

Calls to Action and Advancing Reconciliation

Commercial Law Missing from Indigenous Peoples' Economy?

Indigenous Business Growth Essential to Canadian Economy

THUNDER BAY, ON - Jan. 17, 2017 -  Matawa First Nations announced their plans to commence talks with government officials on new federal broadband funding called Connect to Innovate which was launched by the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) on Dec.  15, 2016 and to move forward on establishing a teleco/telecommunications company.          READ IT HERE

This nation of Houses, clans, and villages occupies the mainland, several islands in an archipelago, and the top of Vancouver Island on both sides. When the Spanish sailed up to one of the well-populated villes they were visited immediately by the chief     READ IT HERE


THUNDER BAY, ON - The Matawa First Nations Broadband Working Group were pleased to announce Sep. 15, 2016 that they received commitment from the federal government to move into the design phase of a project aimed at connecting five remote First Nations in northwestern Ontario to an advanced fibre-to-the-home broadband network.   READ IT HERE

Economic development is a promising direction for First Nations in Canada especially since the process has come under close scrutiny from coast-to-coast. Back in 2008 the University of Toronto Law School held a unique forum on First Nation economic development. “I think the most important thing is that everyone recognizes First Nation economic development is a political matter,” said event moderator Professor Doug Sanderson.                                              READ IT HERE

Eclampsia and Cats: (milk fever)

Solar Energy at T'Sou-ke First Nation

TORONTO, ON - Jan. 19, 2017 - This morning Nishnawbe Aski Nation Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler, National Chief Perry Bellegarde, and MP Charlie Angus called upon the federal government to immediately address the ongoing suicide crisis that has claimed the lives of two 12-year-old girls from Wapekeka First Nation in northwestern Ontario. “On behalf of the Chiefs of Ontario, and as the chair of the AFN national Chiefs Committee on Health, I fully support this latest call for action,” said Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day.  READ IT HERE

The wild rice industry is central to the economy of the North Saskatchewan region. Riese's Canadian Lake Wild Rice is the largest independent grower of wild rice in the province. The company combines its efforts with other mostly native harvesters who supply 75 per cent of the wild rice. Within this co-operative relationship Riese promotes premium quality at all levels to maintain an authentic wholesome image.                  READ IT HERE

Rick La Violette is a life-long logger and this is no mean feat because, along with being a self-motivated licensed contractor, when you are a logger, you are often equally a survivor. It is one of the most dangerous occupations known to man, outside of, say, fightin' the terrorists. La Violette started dreaming of building a First Nation logging outfit when he was a young man working around Burns Lake, B.C..    READ IT HERE

Ottawa, ON – On the anniversary of the final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), Dec. 15, 2016, Assembly of First Nations (AFN) National Chief Perry Bellegarde met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and federal cabinet ministers to establish an approach for First Nations and the federal government to work together to advance reconciliation and implement the TRC’s Calls to Action that fall under federal responsibility, including implementing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.    READ IT HERE

Kerri-Lynne Emily Dick, now in her mid-30s, is a master weaver in the tradition of the Haida, Kwaguilth, Tlingit, and Kootenay peoples. As she describes it, to her cedar weaving comes as naturally as breathing. She says that basically her whole life has been immersed in the Haida and Kwaguilth culture. "I personally would never call it a cultural revival. It still existed because of strong families and strong lineages."  Cedar weaving was a part of Dick's life from the beginning. "My mother took me out to gather roots. We'd be on the beach and she showed me where to start and how to pull 'the root, and we'd end up with 40 or 60 feet of root."   READ IT HERE

 Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day statement on the Canadian Human Rights Ruling to provide immediate funding to child welfare services on reserves, as well as adopt Jordan's Principle: “Today, Parliamentarians have the opportunity to finally end decades of discrimination against First Nation children by voting in favour of an NDP motion calling upon the federal government to comply .....                    READ IT HERE

Veterinary services missing in Indigenous communities

Eliminating the Digital Divide

I war a good looking guy in my youf, woman were aw over me, I`ad more bitches around me than the bleedin judge at crufts. Id blame god but i'm no ping pong believer in the bloke that got my father's lover up the duff. The bloody gaia 'ypothesis, knahn as gaia theory is not a truth its a fackt. It proposes that organisms interact wif their inorganic surroundings on earf ter form a self-regulatin'-- Yeah ang on a min sunshine im talkin complex system that contributes ter maintainin -- Are y listenin? -- the conditions for Porridge life on the planet. If y ask me that makes more sense. I 'ave nah idea wot i'm talking abaht but I fink its nickle and dime ter go to the pub and get a stiff one or at least a pint.                                                READ IT HERE  

Enrolment doubled going into the second year of the Vancouver School Board's Aboriginal Choice school on East Hastings, "The plan was to start small and grow slowly," says Vonnie Hutchingson, principal, "although we've doubled our enrolment."   READ IT HERE 

Toosey First Nation Turns on the Tap to a new Drinking Water System

Chiefs of Ontario Hosted First Nation Economic Forum

Talks Commence With Government on Broadband Funding

Angelique Merasty Levac has been an ambassador for the Woodland Cree nation through her expertise as a birch bark biting artist from Northern Manitoba. She is prolific producing the art from birch bark. “I go home once a year and search for my birch bark in Manitoba. It takes me about three and four days to find the bark, free of knot, white birch, with few branches. I have to search for the straight tree and when I find it usually the first layer is weather damaged, and that’s no good, and sometimes the second layer is too.  You use the third, fourth, and . . . .                  READ IT HERE

In time of crisis, B.C makes unbelievable move to approve drilling permits for twice rejected New Prosperity mine

Vicki Blanchard Rallies the Partners

Riske Creek, B.C.- Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada says all Canadians, including First Nations, should have access to safe, clean and reliable drinking water. As this is the case, on Dec. 5, 2016, the Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs, the Honourable Carolyn Bennett, congratulated the Toosey First Nation in British Columbia on the completion of its new water treatment system.          READ IT HERE

August 18, 2016 - You can’t work in the trucking industry for long without realizing the interconnectedness of the trucking world – goods with communities, roads with ports, airports, and railways, regulations across international and provincial borders and municipal boundaries           READ IT HERE


Nations were pleased to announce that they entered into a historic Protocol Agreement. The agreement celebrates and outlines the practical mechanisms for equally sharing economic benefits within the Nation’s shared territories. The agreement is to re-establish the concepts of shared use. It clarifies and presents a general position on the First Nation understanding that harvesting rights and sustenance are transferable . . .                 READ IT HERE

Tsilhqot’in Title Ranger Training and Hiring Begins for Summer Season

AFN National Chief Welcomes Name Change for ‘National Indigenous Peoples Day’

Tsilhqot’in Nation defends its lands and waters from Taseko Mines Ltd.

T'Sou-ke First Nation is a busy community on  the south-west corner of Vancouver Island culturally and economically, and they are well known for what they achieved in construction of the largest solar array in B.C., which came about after a process of visioning within the community. One of the options was solar energy which caught the imagination of the people creating the vision. From there it evolved to where they are today.   READ IT HERE

Expanding to Campbell River Jun 2017  B.C. Seafood Festival 

Ontario Enhancing Health Care for Indigenous People in Sioux Lookout Region

“Revitalizing First Nations languages is a vital part of self-determination,” said National Chief Bellegarde. “Language is culture and central to our songs, stories, and ceremonies. The recognition, promotion, and recovery of First Nations languages - the original languages of these lands - will  enrich the whole country."

                                                                                                     READ IT HERE 

AFN National Chief Perry Bellegarde - Youtube

Medicine Wheel Ceremony North American Phenomenon 

Sioux Lookout 

Mobilizes on


Calls to Action

Suicide: Is there no right or wrong?

Vancouver, BC (Coast Salish Territory): January 30, 2017: The Tsilhqot’in Nation is in Federal Court in Vancouver this week to oppose an attempt by Taseko Mines Limited (TSX:TKO) (TML) to overturn the scathing 2014 federal rejection of TML’s proposed New Prosperity Mine. In 2010 TML’s initially proposed Prosperity Mine was also rejected. TML’s proposal is for an open pit copper-gold mine where Tsilhqot’in have proven Aboriginal Rights and very near the Tsilhqot’in Declared Title Lands.

                                                                                                  READ IT HERE

Watson Island Remediation

Taseko Mines in Denial

The Sioux Lookout Friendship Accord partners are heading to PDAC International Conference in Toronto on March 4th, 2017 after they celebrate the signing of two historic documents in Thunder Bay, as announced in the media alert distributed Feb 28, 2017.  This event, Mar. 3, 2017, in Thunder Bay, will be hosted jointly by Lac Seul First Nation, Cat Lake First Nation, Slate Falls First Nation, Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug, the Municipality of Sioux Lookout, Township of Pickle Lake and First Mining Finance Corporation. The theme is:                                       

                                                                                     READ IT HERE

Before the birth of 'Industrial Nations' in the late 1800s, before the end of the Mercantile Trade and Barter economy as happened in the mid 1800s, before Napoleon freed European Jews from the ghettos of Europe in 1802, the people of the North West Coast conducted an thriving economy complete with complex international trade protocols and records.                    READ IT HERE

Daily foreign exchange trading volume is $4 trillion. Forex, aka Foreign Exchange, helps determine the value of currency. Value is set by buyers and sellers in the 24 hour market exchange of currencies. Forex is conducted around the clock by many different participants, hedge funds, multi-national corporations, commercial banks. In the beginning of the new millenium PC technology opened the floor to everybody. It takes study be successful in forex trading. READ IT HERE

Ontario is expanding health care services in the Sioux Lookout region to improve access to culturally appropriate health services and improve outcomes for Indigenous people. Premier Kathleen Wynne made the announcement Aug. 11, 2016         READ IT HERE

It has been a long colonial history of unhappiness for the Pimicikamak as it stands guard over the lives of 100 First Nation children for whom the depression, unemployment, poverty, hunger and inadequate housing are proving all too much.        READ IT HERE

Tsilhqot’in forced to begin legal challenge while fighting wildfires

Shared Lands, Shared Benefit, Shared Future 

WILLIAMS LAKE, BC: July 17, 2017: In a shocking move, while four of six Tsilhqot’in communities are evacuated due to raging wildfires surrounding their communities, and while the communities have engaged in brave efforts to fight for their very survival, British Columbia has granted controversial drilling permits over the objections of the Tsilhqot’in. The Nation is outraged that the BC Ministry of Energy and Mines has issued permits to allow Taseko Mines Ltd. to conduct extensive pre-construction exploration for the New Prosperity mine proposal. This mine cannot be built. It was rejected twice by the Harper-era Federal Government in 2010 (Prosperity) and 2014 (New Prosperity) due to strong opposition by the Tsilhqot’in Nation and unacceptable environmental and cultural impacts.

                                                                                      READ IT HERE 

The growth of Indigenous business in the economy is extraordinary and behind its sucess stand proud a diverse and spectacular crowd of characters many of who are widely ignored by the mainstream media.  It is first and foremost a story of survival against all odds, a story of historical injustices many of which continue today. But despite this these spectacular people have broken through years of negative stereotypes         READ IT HERE

THUNDER BAY, ON - Mar. 3, 2017, marked another historic signing of the Sioux Lookout Friendship Accord adding the community of Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug to circle and is the continuation of work undertaken in the past four years. The Friendship Accord originated on June 21, 2012, during National Aboriginal Day, when the Municipality of Sioux Lookout signed the first historic agreement with its closest neighbours, Lac Seul and Slate Falls First Nations.          

                                                   READ IT HERE

A Primer on Forex Trading

David Segerts is a man who lives for positive change in Canadian society. Sitting one day with Segerts in his tastefully decorated apartment I felt surrounded by an orderly nature given to his lifestyle and was treated to his impeccable manners.                    READ IT HERE

Aboriginal Focus School in Vancouver 

Communication with Family Members Essential in MMIW National Inquiry

Sioux Lookout Friendship Accord Continues to Flourish

The Tsilhqot’in Nation proudly announced that the Title Ranger training program was a great success. The program was offered to all communities. Tsilhqot’in members and funding was provided by Tsilhqot’in National Government. The  training is a first step  in the long term project of Rangers cross all Tsilhqot’in territories, eventually moving to enforcement as well as monitoring.       READ IT HERE

Wild Rice Contributes to First Nations Economy in Saskatchewan

 The economy in the Northwest Pacific of B.C. is transitional with many possible activities that could change the city into the port of "now." This port of the future has been in its history envisioned to have world-class facilities and urban infrastructure in the area of Prince Rupert (on Kaien Island).         READ IT HERE

Trucking Industry an Inter-connected World

Ottawa, ON - Jun. 15, 2017 - Assembly of First Nations (AFN) National Chief Perry Bellegarde today participated in a joint announcement with the Federal Minister of Canadian Heritage, the Honourable Mélanie Joly, on the co-development of an Indigenous Languages Act aimed at revitalizing, protecting, recovering, and maintaining Indigenous languages. 

Eclampsia in cats is often known by breeders as milk fever. Anyone with breeding knowledge knows that it is a life-threatening condition. Some queens are simply prone to it and there is nothing an owner can do to to stop it occurring. However it is usually because of a high demand on her milk supply due to a larger litter.  It can happen one to three weeks after giving birth or whilst feeding smaller litters. If a queen is suffering from eclampsia, quick action is needed to save her life (and sometimes the pregnancy itself is at serious risk). It's important if you do have a pregnant or nursing cat you learn about the condition and are able to spot the signs of this illness in due haste.    READ IT HERE

Cedar bark weaving comes from deep roots

CAMPBELL RIVER, B.C. – May 31, 2017 - As a new addition to the BC Seafood Festival, the Salmon Capital Seafood Taste expands the festivities into Campbell River for the first time. Taking place  June 11th at Spirit Square,       READ IT HERE

Tsilhqot’in Seek Injunctions from BC Supreme Court to Stop Taseko Mines Ltd. Drilling in Tsilhqot’in Territory

Ottawa, ON - Nov. 23, 2016 - Assembly of First Nations (AFN) National Chief Perry Bellegarde has filed a motion with the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (CHRT) to once again push Canada to take action to address the Tribunal’s January 2016 ruling that Canada is discriminating against First Nations children in its provision of First Nations child and family services. The motion calls for the Tribunal to issue another compliance order to the government and sets the stage for further orders and other actions should the government continue to ignore the Tribunal’s ruling.  READ IT HERE

OTTAWA, ON - Jun 21, 2017 – Assembly of First Nations Nation Chief Perry Bellegarde supports the new name for June 21 – National Indigenous Peoples Day – as a name consistent with the international recognition of Indigenous peoples and consistent with AFN resolution calling for the name change.

                                                                                         READ IT HERE

Saratoga Beach, Vancouver Island, a welcome sight 

Requiem for a dear departed friend

THUNDER BAY, ON – On March 3, 2017, the leadership of the Peshewesaheknik,(Cat Lake) Obishikokaang, (Lac Seul) and Bimaychikamah, (Slate Falls) First 

Plea to Address First Nation Youth Suicide Crisis

Suicide Epidemic in Northern Manitoba

Sioux Lookout Friendship Accord Expanding and Solidifying

When I first came across this art, an original signed by Ken Edwards, I yearned to hold it, to in some way discover a tale surrounding its two star-crossed lovers sharing warmth as they looked beyond into the bright light of the moon. The moon lighting the teepees . . . were they lovers at all? Perhaps they were just siblings or family sharing a blanket.   READ IT HERE

Williams Lake, BC (July 26, 2016): The Tsilhqot’in National Government (TNG) is speaking out against Taseko Mines Limited’s (TSX:TKO) recent statements about proceeding with an amendment process for its 2010 provincial approval, and its intention to apply for permits to conduct further drilling in the Teztan Biny (Fish Lake)/Nabas region.              READ IT HERE 

AFN National Chief  Supports Ratification of Paris Agreement on Climate Change

Nation fighting company’s efforts to revive twice-rejected mine

OTTAWA, ON – May 23, 2017 - Assembly of First Nations (AFN) National Chief Perry Bellegarde supports the many families of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls who have expressed their growing frustration with the National Inquiry. Family members and the AFN have continually made strong, clear calls for action and justice.                    READ IT HERE

Crossing paths in Gitxsan

Bellegarde Presses Federal Government to Comply with Human Rights Tribunal Order

Regional Chief Day Supports Steps Taken To Improve Child Welfare

Act to Protect and Strengthen Indigenous Languages

It is widely held that the Medicine Wheel represents harmonious connections to all creation and all created things. in Native American spirituality, and, in the context of modern society, the Medicine Wheel  is believed to be a major symbol of interaction               READ IT HERE

Fundamentalsof Birch Bark Biting 

TORONTO, ON - First Nation leaders and economic development officers gathered with government and industry at the Ontario First Nation Economic Forum (OFNEF), October 12-13 in Toronto. The two-day event featured a sold-out trade show and keynote speakers such as Chief Clarence Louie, Chair of the National Aboriginal Economic Development Board (NAEBD); Gary Davis, former CEO of the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIED) and newly appointed Executive Director of the Native American Financial Services Association; and Ted Nolan, former NHL coach and entrepreneur.              READ IT HERE

Official statistics on the number of dog attacks within Canada are non-existent. There is little argument however that most of these attacks seem to afflict First Nation communities. Municipalities and provinces have the legal capacity to deal with animal control issues. Winnipeg City Council introduced a ban on pit bull terriers in 1990.      READ IT HERE