Environmentally Friendly, High Capacity Roto Moulded Floats from New Wave Docks Oceanside

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PHONE: 1-250-395-6550

PHONE: 1-250-395-6550

Kiel Hannah manages and over sees operations of New Wave Docks Oceanside here in Campbell River, B.C., as of May of this year. New Wave Docks Oceanside is a new division of New Wave Docks Freshwater in 100 Mile House, B.C. started in 1996 by Mike McNeil. "We're building in Campbell River with a location on the north end of the city including a boat launch accessing the Inside Passage." 

Hannah builds gangways, docks, ramps, watercraft, and barges. Hannah is a welder/metal fabricator by trade, an experienced machine shop operator with west coast boat building experience. He cut his teeth on aluminum watercraft construction with Harbercraft and Daigle Marine. Hannah's present task is construction of a 27' aluminum barge, combining aluminum welding with rotationally-moulded (rotomoulded) seamless polyethylene floats supplied by New Wave Docks Freshwater in 100 Mile House.

"The barge will maintain high capacity loads in bouyancy using these floats. We are building according to our own experience plus specifications supplied by a naval architect," explains Hannah. "The naval architect is assisting in design of a barge for ocean use, up to 20’ widths." They are planning to use the barge for shipping docks, ramps, and gangways on the Inside Passage, "In addition we think the design will be efficient for use on oyster farms, fish farm sites, forestry operations, and other industries."

The barge is designed with a front-end draw bridge or bow off-loading, a crane, with a high degree of stability on the ocean. "It is built with folding sides, 12' wide while navigating, and 14' wide with the sides folded down." There's a wheelhouse and a transom for up to a 150hp outboard motor.

The aluminum barge parts are constructed using a 12-foot 190 ton press brake and a 12’ shear in the shop in Campbell River. "The brake is a powerful machine," says Hannah. "With this press brake we take a length of prefinished aluminum and insert it between a male die and a female die. We pull up the bottom die of the press brake, pressing the two dies together, bending metal to whatever shape we need.” This allows us to fabricate everything from boats, tool boxes, radar arches to aluminum helms etc.

"I'm really excited to be working on this project," says Hannah. New Wave Docks Freshwater has been building barges and marinas on lakes for over 20 years and has been shipping their floats to Vancouver Island, Alaska and the East Coast for saltwater applications for the same amount of time. McNeil has put several into operations in the B.C. Interior, says Hannah. Mike has worked closely on many jobs for the Freshwater Society of BC, Fisheries and Oceans and as well as First Nations Pacific Integrated Commercial Fisheries Initiative. (Picfi) This coastal design is bigger, "We intend to make an impact with our barges and docks up and down the west coast. These units will be affordable and long lasting to the general public.

The floats are manufactured at New Wave Docks Freshwater in 100 Mile House with a recent upgrade this year, a state of the art high capacity rotomoulding machine capable of moulding large volumes as well as large parts up to 8’ x 8’ in size. McNeil says, "Rotomoulding creates consistency in wall thickness and density in a seamless part. You can rotomould anything. The floats for docks and barges, for example, our standard is 3/8” inch thick, but can have wall thicknesses up to ¾” plus.

McNeil adds, "Our recent upgrade permits us to manufacture a wider range of products.  The rotomoulding allows us to manufacture single or double wall parts depending on application. We manufacture aluminum tools (moulds) in the shape and size desired by the customer, bring us your ideas!  It takes the powder polyethelyne resin, melts and coats the inside of the mould cavity to a specified thickness."

Floats are shipped back to the metal fabrication shop in Campbell River. If it sounds like a lot of shipping expense, these products are lightweight and affordable to ship via tractor trailer.  Wikipedia Rotational Moulding

Finished floats are tough, impervious to damage or denting, and environmentally friendly. Ten of these floats (5 per side) carry an extraordinary payload and the bouyancy afforded allows shoreline work. "With a bow launch, we can cruise up to most shorelines and unload from the front, plus the barge is equipped with an outsourced 5,000 lb crane. We're building this vessel at an affordable cost and twice the capacity of most similar barges on the west coast," says Hannah. "It's all based on constructing a vessel around our rotomoulded floats."

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