Macandale's Small Engine Repair, New Yamaha Marine Engines, Honda ATVs

Frank Busch Book Review"...The strong narrative voice of Painted Turtle Man peels the layers of society off in small but explosive revelations.

Lateral Violence in First Nations

Northern Skies Air Service - Sioux Lookout, Ontario

It grew worrisome how much safety was lacking for women in Vancouver-area parks not so long ago, awareness of which was raised to new heights by the murder of 15-year-old Laura Szendrei in late September 2010, and now we know who did it. Wyatt DeBruin savaged the Grade 10 student in transit to Mackie Park, at 1:30 p.m. on Sep. 25, 2010, and she died in hospital early the next morning, Sep. 26, 2010, from a severe blow to the head.                                       READ IT HERE

Counterfeiting dubbed "World's 2nd Oldest Profession"

CreeWest GP Inc. flies Northern Ontario

MMIW National Inquiry Begins

Fish Safe BC’s core programs provide fishermen with relevant safety training either on their own vessels or in their community. Focus remains on the Safest Catch Program and outreach to the smaller boat fleet. Fish Safe BC advisors get out and spread the word by means of a minimum of 1 day on each vessel with all on-board participating in emergency drills, safety equipment orientation, and safety procedure, including a Cold Water Survival Workshop.                                READ IT HERE

Richard Dickenson runs a company that delivers three sets of two-day sessions in carpentry that are teaching 10 to 15 students how to challenge the national examinations for journeymen carpentry.                           READ IT HERE

Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology YOUTHBUILD PROGRAM


Saratoga Beach, Vancouver Island, a welcome sight to visitors

Williams Lake, BC (July 26, 2016): The Tsilhqot’in National Government (TNG) is speaking out against Taseko Mines Limited’s (TSX:TKO) recent statements about proceeding with an amendment process for its 2010 provincial approval, and its intention to apply for permits to conduct further drilling in the Teztan Biny (Fish Lake)/Nabas region. The Federal Government rejected both the Prosperity and New Prosperity Mine proposals after independent expert panels delivered two of the most scathing environmental assessment reports in Canadian history, describing profound cultural and environmental impacts.             READ IT HERE

Safety Program Designed By Fishermen For Fishermen

Does God exist? She was toddling around the wilderness with her grandparents from the time she was a one year old

It's not only the criminals who need all the help in the world.

There was veracity in the story about RCMP Officer Sandboe's Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, when it was used in the defense of his actions during the court hearings into why he laid such a beating, a video-taped and recorded drubbing, on Andrew Clyburn.                                                READ IT HERE


The Baffling Disappearance of Indigenous Woman Lisa Marie Young

The more popular social media and android communications becomes the more the world seems to shrink. Internet connections enable us to communicate with anyone online and form new friendships. In fact the internet has opened up an alternative reality where now it is perfectly okay to speak to strangers, furthermore, the fact is through social media we are able to share our entire lives with them. But what happens when the stranger turns out not to have an ounce of humanity as is too often the case?                        READ IT HERE

​Lincoln Heaney is the Indigenous Relations Advisor for Western Canada Marine Response Corporation (WCMRC) in the Duncan location, meanwhile WCMRC operates out of three bases on the west coast, the main one in Burnaby, one in Duncan, and one in Prince Rupert, B.C.. Equipment depends on the base, but includes booms, skimming equipment, sorbent pads, boats on trailers, and on Vancouver Island our larger vessels are moored in Victoria and Nanaimo," says Heaney.                     READ IT HERE

Vancouver, B.C., August 9, 2016 - The Government of Canada is taking further action on the recommendations of Justice Cohen’s 2012 final report from the Commission of Inquiry into the Decline of Sockeye Salmon in the Fraser River. The government is protecting this iconic species for all residents of British Columbia, including Indigenous communities on the west coast.         READ IT HERE

Training skilled workers with carpentry experience to challenge the ITA EXAM

August 18, 2016 - You can’t work in the trucking industry for long without realizing the interconnectedness of the trucking world – goods with communities, roads with ports, airports, and railways, regulations across international and provincial borders and municipal boundaries, you name it. Another connection may not be immediately apparent: National Trucking Week and “jake” brakes.   READ IT HERE

Lisa Marie Young became a missing person on Jun. 30, 2002, the memory of whom won’t disappear. RCMP in Nanaimo, B.C., made a memorable appeal on February 25, 2011 for information on the whereabouts of Lisa Marie Young. “Through the years we have received hundreds of tips on the car, on the male driver . . .  READ IT HERE

Taseko Mines Ltd. in denial of the reality of New Prosperity

Badinotti Group - Since 1910

Enrolment doubled going into the second year of the Vancouver School Board's Aboriginal Choice school on East Hastings, "The plan was to start small and grow slowly," says Vonnie Hutchingson, principal, "although we've doubled our enrolment." The majority of the new enrolment is in kindergarten. The VSB called the school-within-a-school an 'Aboriginal Focus school' and established it as the school year began on E Hastings Street in 2012  READ MORE

Cermaq Canada

As summer winds down I gaze upon blue green mountains with pale peaks that stack on top of a darkening vista, here late in the afternoon a fluffy cloud floats still on an asure sky. Crickets chirp, "Try", says a resident, "to ever find one." Indeed despite kicking some dandelions and sending wishes on their way, I cannot. A cabbage butterfly lands on a random note then takes flight to a path of crushed purple shells and sand.                                         READ IT HERE

Contact Vicki Blanchard, Sioux Lookout Economic Development Commission Manager

Only a few years ago, one Judge J.F Palmer imposed a sentence of 42 months prison time on Mathieu Flynn. 24, of Vancouver. Flynn was no small time crook, he was a millionaire, some might call him an entrepreneur of sorts. In drawers around his Coquitlam home the RCMP had found his secret stash, piles and piles of $100, $50 and $20 bills. In fact Mr Flynn had been busy over the previous three years counterfeiting over $2 million dollars in Canadian currency. Counterfeiting was dubbed by Michael Young in the Dallas morning News in 2009 as "the worlds second oldest profession." In the 1200's China introduced paper money, mulberry trees used to make paper money had to be guarded to prevent counterfeiters. Back then the penalty for counterfeiting was death by beheading. In the 21st Century we are more used to reading a life threatening warning on a packet of cigarettes. . . .

 The economy in the Northwest Pacific of B.C. is transitional with many possible activities that could change the city into the port of "now." This port of the future has been in its history envisioned to have world-class facilities and urban infrastructure in the area of Prince Rupert (on Kaien Island). The Industrial Revolution and Prince Rupert were supposed to be a marriage made in heaven when Charles Melville Hays aspired to create a second transcontinental railroad in Canada. He was President of the Grand Trunk Railway until his remarkable vision and life passed with the sinking of the Titanic.   READ IT HERE

Taking Steps to Restore Sockeye Salmon Stocks

Wild Rice Harvest Part of First Nation 

Economy in Saskatchewan

PTSD is a fact of life

The dangers of meeting people online


Laura Szendrei's Murderer Named And It's Wyatt DeBruin

Toronto, ON (August 3, 2016) --- Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day welcomed today’s announcement rolling out the much-anticipated Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women National Inquiry, and says, We must rally behind the commissioners and support the families in the critical work they will carry out over the next two years.  “On behalf of the Chiefs of Ontario, I welcome the announcement of this long overdue inquiry into this national crisis and want to acknowledge the families, the women’s groups and the Indigenous organizations for taking the lead and pushed the federal government for an inquiry,” said Regional Chief Day.                                           READ IT HERE

Western Canada Marine Response Corporation Website

Watson Island Remediation

The wild rice industry is central to the economy of the North Saskatchewan region. Riese's Canadian Lake Wild Rice is the largest independent grower of wild rice in the province. The company combines its efforts with other mostly native harvesters who supply 75 per cent of the wild rice. Within this co-operative relationship Riese promotes premium quality at all levels to maintain an authentic wholesome image.  "We've expanded over the years," working cooperatively with Bands like Peter Ballantyne, Meadow Lake Tribal Council Bands, and La Ronge Band to name a few," says Lynn Riese, "We have our own processing plant in La Ronge. . . ."   READ IT HERE

Expansion Preparations Call For 6 Months Lead Time

Grieg Seafood Canada Website


Fishermen Helping Fishermen COME HOME SAFELY

David Segerts is a man who lives for positive change in Canadian society. Sitting one day with Segerts in his tastefully decorated apartment I felt surrounded by an orderly nature given to his lifestyle and was treated to his impeccable manners. I was also given a taste of his lifetime of memories before he talked about the really important issues he works on.                     READ IT HERE

Greenwood Country Inn website
Velocity Training Inc Offers 150 Job Ready Courses Online


Northern Skies Air Service - Sioux Lookout, Ontario

Stephanie Miller has been Manager of the YouthBuild program at Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology (MITT) for the past year ( She says the program intake for the fall of 2016 "has been going on for the last few months now. Classes start September 8 and run until mid June. YouthBuild will enroll 40 students, 20 in Level 1 Carpentry, and 20 in the Exploration to Trades," that provides hands on exposure to various building trades.  READ IT HERE

CreeWest GP Inc. flies Northern Ontario
Northern Manitoba freshwater fishery
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