Richard Dickenson runs a company that delivers three sets of two-day sessions in carpentry that are teaching 10 to 15 students how to challenge the national examinations for journeymen carpentry.                           READ IT HERE

Creative Salmon Organic, Tofino BC
Northern Skies Air Service - Sioux Lookout, Ontario

Angelique Merasty Levac has been an ambassador for the Woodland Cree nation through her expertise as a birch bark biting artist from Northern Manitoba. She is prolific producing the art from birch bark. “I go home once a year and search for my birch bark in Manitoba. It takes me about three and four days to find the bark, free of knot, white birch, with few branches. I have to search for the straight tree and when I find it usually the first layer is weather damaged, and that’s no good, and sometimes the second layer is too.  You use the third, fourth, and sometimes fifth layer if you’re lucky,” explains Angelique.                            READ IT HERE

Saratoga Beach, Vancouver Island, a welcome sight 

​Lincoln Heaney is the Indigenous Relations Advisor for Western Canada Marine Response Corporation (WCMRC) in the Duncan location, meanwhile WCMRC operates out of three bases on the west coast, the main one in Burnaby, one in Duncan, and one in Prince Rupert, B.C.. "Equipment depends on the base, but includes booms, skimming equipment, sorbent pads, boats on trailers, and on Vancouver Island our larger vessels are moored in Victoria and Nanaimo," says Heaney.                     READ IT HERE

Expansion Preparations Call For 6 Months Lead Time

Stephanie Miller has been Manager of the YouthBuild program at Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology (MITT) for the past year ( She says the program intake for the fall of 2016 "has been going on for the last few months now. Classes start September 8 and run until mid June. YouthBuild will enroll 40 students, 20 in Level 1 Carpentry, and 20 in the Exploration to Trades," that provides hands on exposure to various building trades.  READ IT HERE

Badinotti Group - Since 1910

Creative Salmon Looking Back and Ahead

Sioux Lookout 

Mobilizes on


Calls to Action

Safety Program Designed By Fishermen For Fishermen


As summer winds down I gaze upon blue green mountains with pale peaks that stack on top of a darkening vista, here late in the afternoon a fluffy cloud floats still on an asure sky. Crickets chirp, "Try", says a resident, "to ever find one." Indeed despite kicking some dandelions and sending wishes on their way, I cannot. A cabbage butterfly lands on a random note then takes flight to a path of crushed purple shells and sand.                                         READ IT HERE

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Birch Bark Biting Fundamentals

Aug. 24, 2016 - After two years of formal planning, consulting, designing and working closely with the Ministry of Education and community partners, the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board announced it has awarded the contract work to begin immediately.                                                                             READ IT HERE

Back in 2011 the Aboriginal Aquaculture Association (AAA) received positive feedback on the west coast where so many communities are dependent on a marine economy that has disappeared for several years. The Aboriginal Principles for Sustainable Aquaculture(APSA) standard of certification has been applied to Cermaq Canada, and, according to proponents of the standard, “other aquaculture companies are now inquiring about certification."                       READ IT HERE

Frank Busch Book Review"...The strong narrative voice of Painted Turtle Man peels the layers of society off in small but explosive revelations.

McColl Magazine news and opinion on crime
Velocity Training Inc Offers 150 Job Ready Courses Online
CreeWest GP Inc. flies Northern Ontario

Wild Rice Contributes to First Nations Economy in Saskatchewan

Grieg Seafood Canada Website
McColl Magazine is operating under the maxim "Indigenous Canadian economic development is the pathway to progress for all Canadians"
Northern Skies Air Service - Sioux Lookout, Ontario


Fish Safe BC’s core programs provide fishermen with relevant safety training either on their own vessels or in their community. Focus remains on the Safest Catch Program and outreach to the smaller boat fleet.                           READ IT HERE


Chinook Salmon are Disappearing and Management Changes Could Fix It

EWOS Canada

We ask an industry expert who wishes to remain anonymous to answer the question, Is it too late for the last of our Chinook salmon stocks? It is a very real and serious situation, the declining numbers of Chinook salmon returning to the rivers in many areas of Canada’s Pacific coast. The disappearance has happened to countless water sheds on Vancouver Island. There is a large collection of fish hatcheries operated by Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) and others in conjunction with community organizations and Indigenous communities.                            READ IT HERE

Western Canada Marine Response Corporation Website

Watson Island Remediation

New Sioux Lookout High School

Macandale's Small Engine Repair, New Yamaha Marine Engines, Honda ATVs
Greenwood Country Inn website

Good First Implementation of First Nation Aquaculture Certification

Northern Manitoba freshwater fishery

How experienced carpenters challenge the ITA EXAM

Lawson Mills, leading manufacturers of pelletizing equipment, energy-producers in the green economy

God Opens Doors: Kisemanitow Peyohtena Iskwahtem She was toddling around the wilderness with her grandparents from the time she was 1year old

Celebrating a quarter century in business was both cause for celebration and reason to look back at how it all began. Tofino’s Creative Salmon – Canada’s first certified organic farm salmon producer – celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2015. General Manager Tim Rundle has worked at Creative Salmon for 22 of the (now 26) years. Like many managers at the company he worked his way up, taking on the GM role in 2008.                READ IT HERE

Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology YOUTHBUILD PROGRAM

 The economy in the Northwest Pacific of B.C. is transitional with many possible activities that could change the city into the port of "now." This port of the future has been in its history envisioned to have world-class facilities and urban infrastructure in the area of Prince Rupert (on Kaien Island). The Industrial Revolution and Prince Rupert were supposed to be a marriage made in heaven when Charles Melville Hays aspired to create a second transcontinental railroad in Canada. He was President of the Grand Trunk Railway until his remarkable vision and life passed with the sinking of the Titanic.   READ IT HERE

Fishermen Helping Fishermen COME HOME SAFELY

Sioux Lookout, ON – The Municipality of Sioux Lookout continues to build upon its successful relationships with area First Nations. Council recently adopted the Chief Administrative Officer’s Report on potential Municipal responses to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Final Report and Calls to Action. The Report identifies various Calls to Action categories and outlines general Municipal directional responses to the identified objectives. At the same meeting, and at Mayor Lawrance’s request, Council endorsed the creation of an ad hoc committee, namely, the Mayor’s Committee on Truth and Reconciliation.                                            READ IT HERE

Saeplast - For Sure, Size Matters
Integrated Carpentry Tutorials

The wild rice industry is central to the economy of the North Saskatchewan region. Riese's Canadian Lake Wild Rice is the largest independent grower of wild rice in the province. The company combines its efforts with other mostly native harvesters who supply 75 per cent of the wild rice. Within this co-operative relationship Riese promotes premium quality at all levels to maintain an authentic wholesome image.                  READ IT HERE

Cermaq Canada