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McColl Magazine is operating under the maxim "Indigenous Canadian economic development is the pathway to progress for all Canadians"

Armstrong Marine Launches Survey Vessel Bound for Israel

Thib's Contracting Ltd. Aiming for Success in the Pacific Northwest

WILLIAMS LAKE, B.C. - Mar. 15, 2018 - The Ts^ilhqot’in National Government (TNG) applauds BC Hydro for their recent plan to pursue power purchase agreement negotiations with the Ts^ilhqot’in Solar Farm (TSF). Located within the Ts^ilhqot’in territory, once completed, the TSF will be the first large-scale solar power plant owned and operated by a First Nation in western Canada. 

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T'Sou-ke Nation is a community on the south-west corner of Vancouver Island, busy not only culturally but economically, since they achieved construction of the largest solar array in B.C.. Linda Bristol is an Elder, Arts Manager, and Cultural Advisor who was engaged from the beginning of a Comprehensive Community Planning process that began in the last decade. Out of this community engagement came the powering of the community with solar renewable energy. “The process was vision-oriented and we had a progressive-thinking group. One of the options was solar energy and it caught the imagination of the people creating the vision,” says Bristol. 
       Success of the T'Sou-ke solar energy project came from the T'Sou-ke CCP process, she explains, and unity was the key,              READ IT HERE 

​Quaaout Lodge and Spa has been established for over 25 years on the shores of Little Shuswap Lake. The 70-room facility has grown ​from inception to include​ ​spa​ ​​and ​conference halls​, not to mention an 18-hole golf course ranked in the top 10 in B.C., and cultural awareness features such as a re-created kekuli on the property beside the lake, and pictography in the facility's walks and walls that recall the ancient connection of the Little Shuswap Indian Band with their traditional territory in the Secwepemc Nation.                      READ IT HERE

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Tsilhqot’in Nation and Southern Dãkelh Ban Moose Hunt

Solar Dialogue on Development

Western Forestry Contractor's Association

Who We Are

We are a Health and Safety Association (HSA) operating in BC to facilitate First Nations oversight in all aspects of Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental management.

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The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, and Canada Engage the Project

Grace Dove shines as 'Ricki' in today's  (Jul 13, 2018) release on Netflix of the movie  How It Ends (2018),  "A desperate father tries to return home to his pregnant wife after a mysterious apocalyptic event turns everything to chaos."
    The movie stars Theo James and Forest Whitaker as they struggle to get to Seattle from Chicago in the middle of an apocalyptic scenario with lawless crazies dominating a dystopian society on the highways of America.                                                     

FishSafeBC - Safest Catch Program
Saeplast - For Sure, Size Matters

KingFisher Boats Announced as One of Canada’s Best Managed Companies

The Roadblocks to Red Seal in Saskatchewan

First Nations Safety Council of BC

Sæplast Introduces a New Anti-Skid Pallet for In-Plant Environments

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Theatre One Beau Dick, Maker of Monsters

A Movie that did Beau Dick Justice

The pressure we've put on wild salmon has created serious management challenges, according to John Paul Fraser, Executive Director of the B.C. Salmon Farmers Association. Fraser is familiar with the subject of managing west coast salmon, "I worked for Hon. David Anderson in the mid-1990s when he was the Minister Responsible for Department of Fisheries and Oceans." Fraser notes Anderson was from Victoria and uniquely able to move the focus of Canadian fisheries management from east to west coast at a time when it was required to do so. 
      "I managed communications for the minister and that's when I got a sense of wild salmon as a symbol and a lifeline," says Fraser. "In those days the push for conservation was intense enough that Anderson had to institute sweeping closures and buybacks of salmon fishing licenses, even boats."

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Frank Busch Book Review"...The strong narrative voice of Painted Turtle Man peels the layers of society off in small but explosive revelations.

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Polluting the Salish Sea is Wrong!

McColl Magazine news and opinion on crime

Another Hollywood Role For Secwepemc Star Grace Dove

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Grieg NL Accepts  Equity Investments for the Placentia Bay Atlantic Salmon Aquaculture Project 

Sæplast Introduces New Product

AgriMarine Holdings / West Coast Fishculture (Lois Lake) Ltd
McColl Magazine news and opinion on crime
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New Wave Docks Builds Environmentally Friendly, High Capacity Roto Moulded Floats, Docks, Ramps, Landing Craft, and More

Badinotti Acquires Two More State-of-the-art Net Washing Vessels

McColl Magazine is operating under the maxim "Indigenous Canadian economic development is the pathway to progress for all Canadians"
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Badinotti Group - Since 1910

​Marystown, NL  - Sep. 14, 2018 -  Grieg NL is pleased to announce that it has received an equity investment of $30 million in repayable financial assistance from the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador for its Placentia Bay Atlantic Salmon Aquaculture Project through the Aquaculture Capital Equity Program. It will complement a $10 million repayable federal investment through the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency’s Business Development Program.

    “This equity investment from Government of Newfoundland and 

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Fisheries and Aquaculture news and feature stories
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     “CIBC is pleased to congratulate KingFisher Boats on being named one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies, recognizing its excellence in leadership, business performance and innovation,” said Dino Medves, Senior Vice President and Head, CIBC Commercial Banking.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               READ IT HERE

An Industry Removed from Carbon Intense Food Production

Book Review by Sarah Nickel, Ph.D.

Aquaculture Experience and Innovation from Canadian Growers


BCSFA Website

Shouldn’t It Be The “New Abnormal”?

Integrated Carpentry Tutorials Prepping Qualified Carpenters for Red Seal Exam

Secwépemc People, Land, and Laws: Yerí7 Stsq̓ey̓s-kucw

Poseidon Ocean Systems website

Tŝilhqot’in Nation Relieved by Successful Injunction Prohibiting Taseko Drilling Program

SeaChange Seafoods, a division of Walcan

BC Hydro Greenlights Energy Purchase Agreement for Tŝilhqot’in Solar Farm

Labrador anchors Grieg NL’s significant investment of $210 million in the Project”, said Thomas Grieg, Owner Grieg NL. “Our financers and investors see this equity investment as a sign of confidence in the Project. Our company appreciates the Government’s aggressive approach to cultivate investment in aquaculture, and its determined approach to ensuring this equity investment also creates employment and business opportunities in Placentia Bay and throughout the province.                                  READ IT HERE

Heads-Up Navigation Training in Victoria, Sidney, Anywhere in Canada

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Indigenous Business Canada  Offers the Pathway to Progress for All Canadians
Creative Salmon Organic, Tofino BC

2018 First Nations Safety Conference:

First Nations Safety Conference, October 22, 2018
Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa Resort Website

Providing Courses in MED-A3, SVOP, ROC-M, PCOC, First Aid

Quaaout Lodge and Spa

Sæplast's New Temperature Control Bulk Fish Transport Box


Secwépemc People, Land, and Laws is one of those books you anticipate long before it’s released and struggle to put down once it arrives. It is a weighty book – both in terms of its length (at 588 pages) and its significance. As a Secwépemc person who teaches Indigenous Studies and history, the impact of this book has been both personal and scholarly.           READ IT HERE

Carpenter Skills Ingrained from 30 Years Building Experience

Captain Lesley Head

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Bradon Gardypie: Red Seal Exam a Breeze Second Time Around

Tsilhqot’in Nation Enhances Compliance and Education in Territory

Burwash Landing in the Yukon Territory is home to about 120 people, "Not large," says Chief Bob Dickson, "Our Kluane First Nation is about 250 members." Burwash Landing holds a good share of Kluane's people, "It's on land set aside for the Kluane First Nation as part of a Yukon First Nation Final Agreement," with Kluane's agreement established in 2003. 
     The community lies about 300 km west of the capital, Whitehorse, "We are busy in the summer. The Kluane First Nation is the big employer in Burwash Landing. We have a relationship with a mining company - Nickel Creek Platinum."

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Poseidon Ocean Systems

Full Spectrum Aquaculture Site Engineering

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